Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ready to get Started

Greeting i hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for a new demonoid experience! Right now i am in the process of registering domains and in talks with a very very large ISP in Sweden. but we have very Little money, it is extremely hard to start a task like this and move to Sweden with little to no money. if you can please help us by donating to the cause or by spreading the word i would really appreciate it. Don't forget your donations now will help new deomonoid get up and running with no Chance of being shutdown as well be in Sweden

I will give status updates on how things are going at least every week and also at every milestone we hit IE enough money for Tickets,completed website ETC

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bringing back demonoid

Greetings everyone, i am sure by now everyone is aware that is gone and will probably not be coming back. i am preparing to start a new demonoid like community in Sweden where the copyright laws are not as strict. i have spoken with the leaders of and they will be assisting me in the creation of a new demonoid. right now i am looking for feedback from the demonoid community. i also welcome a few helping hands in the creation of the new demonoid

with any feed back what so ever please email me at

if you are Requesting to come with me or help please add a subject line saying " help" and if you are giving feedback subject it "feedback"